Help Center


First Steps

  1. Click LOGIN from the home page

  2. Input Username & Password and click LOGIN

  3. Click DEPOSIT button

Quick Transfer

  1. In Select Deposit Method choose "Bank Transfer" and click "Quick Transfer"

  2. Select your deposit channel or transfer method

  3. Select preferred M88 Bank to get bank account detail where you want to transfer your deposit.
    Make your bank transfer to deposit and proceed to Complete Deposit Form by click "NEXT"

  4. Please choose JPY from currency dropdown option and insert your deposit amount in Yen.
    Please also insert Reference ID, Deposit Date and Deposit Time stated in your receipt and click "Next".
    * By uploading the deposit slip, you can process the deposit more quickly.

  5. Review your deposit detail and click "SUBMIT"

  6. After SUBMIT your deposit transaction, please wait for your deposit to be processed